Thu, June, 25, 2020
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Corona virus impacts on the world’s economy has changed the whole game of business and shopping. Corona virus is strongly affecting our daily lives and living behaviors. As the trend of brick and mortar traffic is decreasing but on the other hand online shopping trends are increasing. With many other benefits of online shopping it also gives us contact free products. And makes us safe from this virus.

Corona virus impacts on Kuwait’s online business opportunities


Kuwait’s economy is also dropping. There are an increasing  number of effective persons every day.  Brick and mortar stores are closed and people are relying on online businesses. Many people are living hand to mouth in Kuwait. Kuwait’s government  is encouraging the people to take steps by staying in home. Starting own business is seems to be very tough but

You can give services using your old business sound wise in Kuwait. One can also start a small online business in Kuwait. We can also have ideas what people are buying online in Kuwait often or what services are commonly used in Kuwait. Also the Corona virus impact on the Kuwait’s people shopping and selling habits cannot be denied.



According to the recent reports 23% of people are already changing the shopping habits due to Corona virus. People are cutting down their trips to super markets. And prefer to buy from online stores.

Staying home is quite boring and people are spending their time browsing new items. From electronics to grocery, people prefer to buy everything online.

Corona virus impacts on Kuwait’s markets have made online shopping essential. There is no question like why people are shopping online?

With the change of trends online suppliers are also working hard to provide the best products for their customers. Because online retailers are in high need.

Corona virus pandemic and online facilities are followed .

Contact free services

One of the best services of online retailers is contact free delivery. As we know this virus can easily be separated by touching the affected person. By going to market we can touch different things unintentionally. But when we order online our retailer guarantees us that our package will be contact free.

Online grocery

Buying groceries while staying at home seems to be impossible. But not with the emergence of e-commerce. The growth of grocery shopping is increasing these days. People need to cook and eat but they also want to stay safe at home. Many retailers are starting their online grocery shops and sending vegetables and fruits to homes.

Products for hygiene

This Corona virus is very contagious and can easily transfer from one person to others. Only way to protect ourselves is social distance and hygiene. cleaning hands with sanitizer and wearing masks is very important. But the problem is how we can go outside and buy them. Many e-commerce business men are delivering these products to your doorstep. And easily available almost on every online store.

This is not only beneficial for customers but also for small e-commerce business retailers. As these products are highly in demand. And also there is no need for huge money investment.

Online medicines

Getting sick in lock down is scary. You cannot go to the nearby pharmacy with the fear of the virus. But online medical stores are also providing medicine at our doorstep. And these pharmacies are also providing online health consultants. Corona virus impacts on pharmacies are great, people like to buy online medicine and take online appointments.

Online food orders

Living in homes and cannot go outside to enjoy your favorite meal. It’s something that food lovers cannot imagine. But with the help of the e-commerce business of food industries you can order your food at home. In third world countries most retailers are relying on food selling. So they started this service to survive.

But in many countries this service is banned. And the reason is that the Corona virus can stay on the surface for almost a day.

Many food industries are making sure to make food without contact. And serve it as take away or home delivery.

Online classes and free online courses

Educational system is facing a downfall in this pandemic. Students are not going to schools or colleges. But education is a basic need and no one can deny. To prevent further loss many institutes are offering online classes. Teachers are available at specific times and the whole class is participating. Also many institutes are offering free online courses. These free online courses are helping people to be busy. And lower the stress.

Many teachers are starting their channels and giving free online courses. Which is also a source of income for them.

Corona virus impacts on business are very bad but what we can sell online in this pandemic ?

There are many services and products that we can sell in this pandemic. But, we have to admit that every business is switching online. We need to take it under consideration. Brick and mortar is under threat and many people are living from hand to mouth. So if you want to survive in this world switch your business online. This is happening also because of the Corona virus impacts and it is also the world’s need.

There are some ideas for starting an online business and earning money without investment.

Drop shipping services and drop shipping products

This business demands time and communication skills. Because you are acting as a third party.

In drop shipping products you sell products for other people and get commission.

But drop shipping services are quite different. In drop shipping services you ask for a specific service and give this service to another party.

Work as a freelancer and open your home base office

Many websites like Fiverr and Upwork are hiring freelancers. because people want to do their work with the help of other people. So there are many people earning as a freelancer a great amount. And also hiring their staff.

You can also start as a freelancer and earn a lot of money. and make a highly reputed profile. After that you can hire your own staff and be a boss.

start giving online classes and courses

If you are specialized in the field of teaching or any other skill. Use it and teach other people who are interested in learning. Try to make your own channel. You can start with free online courses. Like music classes, cooking classes or maybe painting classes.

You can register online for fitness sessions and charge your students.

You can promote your channel. Also playing paid ads can make your wallet happy.

As we all know starting a new business is very challenging and often stressful. But we have to work hard. We should not lose our hopes. Just keep trying and be optimized. Because there is a scope in e-commerce business. And also e-commerce business is easy to handle.

This Article is contributed by Memoona Maryam who is a content provider of AA tech Solution in Gujranwala.His love for content writing and knowledge lead her as a contributor. EZ WorldShip takes no responsibility of any claims