How do I place a consolidation (combine) request?

  • When you receive the notification of packages has been entered into your account you can send request within 24 hours to consolidate the packages.
  • I don’t see a price for shipping when placing my consolidation request. Why is that?

  • Shipping rates for a consolidated package cannot be determined until the consolidation has been completed. Shipping rates and available carriers are based on the dimensions and weight of the package. This information will be updated in your account once the consolidation has been completed. You can get an estimate from our shipping calculator.
  • How does consolidation (combine) of packages work?

  • Consolidation (combine) is a process where we take smaller packages and put them together into one box. Please allow up to 1-2 business days for all consolidation requests to be processed.
  • Customers has to send us instructions about the option they need for consolidation of shipment if they want us to keep the outside box , keep the retail packaging or take the contents out of their original packaging and combine all contents in one box and ship them . If we don’t receive the special request with in 24 hours of packaging update in their account, we will pack the boxes we received into a larger box.


Standard Box Size: (This is set by default)
Your items will be packed in the smallest standard box, the box will be cut down if there is extra space and packing materials will be added to secure your items with the tightest fit. Packages which don’t fit in the full consolidated box, can be selected to either be
A) consolidated in another box or
B) returned back to your mailbox.