Our Mission and Goal

Offer fast, reliable, efficient and affordable package services and shipping , make it for all consumers from all over the world to purchased merchandise online in the U.S.A .Our customer support team reply quickly to support tickets , email and messages from customers . We offer fast and affordable package services and shipping . We send all outgoing packages in a timely manner. Enter all incoming packages into assigned customers suites in a timely manner. Our Customer Support can help with returns and refunds for products you are not happy with. Our customers will have 24/7 access to their online account. Details about each package including its tracking number as well as email notifications and in account notifications. 30 days of free storage with no monthly fee for signing up an account with us .
Check out our shipping rates! Due to our high volume of shipping packages we have preferred rates with many common carriers and proprietary relationships that allow us to offer exclusive shipping options to some countries. Consolidation lowers the cost of postage compared to sending multiple packages. You can shop several stores but save by combining the purchases and only shipping one package. At EZ WorldShip, we ship thousands of packages every year. This results in big discounts with the major carriers that we’re able to pass along to you, our loyal customers!

Shop in the U.S.A. and have packages forwarded to you

USA is a big retail market many products are less expensive in the U.S.A. but most of the sellers and websites do not ship directly to international addresses. This is where EZ WorldShip can help. With EZ WorldShip you can shop websites like Amazon , ebay , Walmart and many other branded retailers , ship your purchases to our warehouse and then we will ship the packages to you.