EZ WorldShip has 3-D Security enabled on payment checkout

What is 3-D Security (3DS)?

3DS is a security service designed by the schemes (VISA, MasterCard, etc) and elected to be used by the individual banks. Each scheme has their own name. Visa has Verified by Visa/Visa Secure, MasterCard has SecureCode

What do I do if my bank doesn’t recognize 3DS?

As this is designed by the schemes but elected to be used by the individual banks, most people at the bank will not recognize it as their service. To get help with it, you will need to call your bank and ask to speak to the Security Team. Once you have them on the phone, ask to speak to someone who knows about 3DS. Usually a senior team member will be needed to assist you. Do not let them tell you this is not their service. Simply keep asking to speak to a representative familiar with 3DS until you reach someone who can help you. Please note that 3DS is not under the control of EZ WorldShip but is controlled by the bank that issued your credit card.