Tue, June, 23, 2020
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Artificial intelligence and robotics are changing our world. Everything around us is making a substitute for a human. From the concept of robotics to manufacturing, scientists are trying to make ease for humans. Building a smart machine by using Artificial intelligence and robotics has been a dream since the 20th century.

People want the world to be taken over by humanoid robots that perform similar tasks that humans do. Artificial intelligence and robotics is making our world into a whole different place. It has a great impact on our daily lives. We are so habitual of modern science and its inventions, that we cannot imagine ourselves living without it.

Dubai role in the field of robotics

Dubai is one of the biggest sellers of robots. Many houses and companies are totally relying on robots. Dubai is also Offering many degrees and courses of artificial intelligence. And many students from other countries are coming to Dubai for these degrees. And many companies are hiring employees for the inventions of new robots. These companies are working hard to make next generation robots to make our lives easier. 

There are a large number of inventions of robotic but here i am listing some of them.


Scientists are working hard to make surgical robots. Because, the medical field is under the impact of robotics. Without robots it is very hard to perform surgeries. Soon robots will be the colleagues of doctors. However, by using these machines doctors also have many concerns. But still they are appreciating it.

The most commonly used robot in this field is Vinci Surgical System. It has 3D features. With some long arms that can bend and rotate. These can reach to the organs with a small incision. that prevents the loss of blood. There are some other robots that can take blood samples. They can check our vitals and condition. And can easily diagnose our disease.


Another invention of artificial intelligence and robotics is drones. There are many drones that are saving human lives. We can use these machines in hard conditions to forecast the weather. Interestingly companies are using drones for packages delivering. Drone is helping humans in every hard and tough task. Using a drone for spraying medicines on plants is also very common. Many companies that want to advertise their product are using drones. These drones take their posters to far places.

Cooking Robots

People in this time are living a busy life. After a full day at work people come home and don’t want to waste time cooking. They need help in this matter also. So, for this purpose scientists are working hard. Instead of cooking in a traditional way, people are cooking with robots. Cooking food with robots is healthy and tasty. Artificial intelligence and robotics consider your choice. These robots cook your food according to your choice. you just need to set your preferences.

Washing Machines Robots

Artificial intelligence and robotics is making our home life easier. From using washing machines to keeping a pet is no more difficult. Many robots are working in our houses as servants. Automatic washing machines are working in almost every house. These Washing machines can add detergent and water automatically. you just have to set the timing and type of clothes you are washing. You can do other tasks while these washing machines are working. Later on withdrawal neat are dry clothes. some washing machines also have the open of ironing the clothes

Pet keeper Robots

The Field of robotics and artificial intelligence is also working for pet lovers. These specialized reports are trained to feed pets. They have special features that can feed food at a specific time. Also the owner can tell them when to feed. These robots provide fresh water all the time.

Some robots are trained to play with your pet. They throw and fetch the ball. they can even pet you furry fellow.

Talking Robots

Technology is making our daily tasks easy but at the same time we are being alone. So the scientists are also working to entertain the humans. So that we don’t feel alone. There are many apps that can talk to us. They also provide the information at the same time. We can ask them any questions. And we can talk about anything. But there is no replacement for humans. However many reports are acting like humans. And they are trained. they know what we like and what we don’t. So it tells us that robots are not only a piece of machines. They can also act like humans.

Robots in war zone and fighting with crime

Everyone knows that the war zone is the most dangerous place. And living there is highly risky. But the good news is that human robots are also fighting.

Many robots are used to patrolling sensitive areas like borders . These robots also petrol the residential areas to lower the rate of crime. Checking every person is not an easy job but not with robots. Robots are fully trained to scan every person. they can even detect special materials

It is an assumption that in future robots will work as soldiers. But risks are always there.

Helping in dangerous jobs

Artificial intelligence and robotics is replacing humans with robots for doing dangerous jobs. There are many jobs that are dangerous for human health. So robots are taking those posts to protect humans. Many robots are welding. Because this job makes so much noise and produces heat. There are many robots that are drilling the holes for pipes. Because this task is very difficult for a human. lifting heavy weights and placing them on vehicles is also performed by robots.

Robots are also serving as sewer scrapers. So that a human may not get harm by the dirt and wastes.

Robotics risks in our society

Thus every field of life is now depending on Artificial intelligence and robotics. Which is giving us ease and an extra time to enjoy our lives. But there are high risks also. Now every field is hiring robots instead of humans. There is a high graph of unemployment. Overuse of robots can also make us lazy. And robots can easily damage our human strength. Also there are always chances of mistake or error. So we cannot only rely on robots.

As it is said “I’m increasingly inclined to think that there should be some regulatory oversight, maybe at the national and international level, just to make sure that we don’t do something very foolish. I mean with artificial intelligence we’re summoning the demon.” —Elon Musk warned at MIT’s AeroAstro Centennial Symposium

This Article is contributed by Memoona Maryam who is a content provider of AA tech Solution in Gujranwala.His love for content writing and knowledge lead her as a contributor. EZ WorldShip takes no responsibility of any claims