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This is the world of computing power and internet connections. These connections are increasing exponentially along with the quality of information and entertainment. People are living with extreme busyness and long working hours. They want to save their time in every matter of life. Everyone is looking for an ease. Online shopping with online stores can save our time, money and efforts. This is the reason most people prefer to shop online rather than going to the market.

Online Shopping in Qatar 

Qatar has a large number of customers who shop online. Qatar is rapidly growing online businesses and the graph of online shopping in Qatar is rising. Because of this reason Qatar’s people are introducing more and more online shopping stores. As many people are switching to online shopping. According to an online shopping behavior survey in Qatar, Nearly 50 per cent of those surveyed indicated they access the internet for online shopping of which more than 80 per cent said they were highly satisfied with their online shopping experience. Qatar is using mobile cards, master cards and e cards for shopping online.

Online shopping among Qatar’s people is becoming popular because of the following reasons

Saves your time

It is very frustrating to find different items in the supermarket. It can waste a lot of time when the store is not properly sectioned. But with online business and great options of selecting items. It is very easy to find your way and select the specific goods. Instead of moving from one market to another. One can easily switch tabs.it takes a significant short time to online order than to going in different markets.Online business also saves us from stressful life. The locations of some super markets are also in crowded areas. A lot of people come in and out daily .when you order online there is no fear of long travel on bumpy roads or joining long queues. Also one can save himself from thieves and pocket pickers.

Saves your energy

Shopping in supermarkets is hectic. old and weak people often avoid traveling. The worst thing is sometimes superstores run out of stalk. You don’t want to waste their precious time and energy. Online business retailers make easy shopping for everyone.

More verity

Online business retailers give you more variety. You can see many products and online order them. But there are limited options in the supermarkets. And sometimes it is hard to find one’s desired good. But online stores display many products along with details. So, one can easily select and shopping online.

Saves money

There is another good reason for online shopping. It is the discounts ,bonuses and deals. Online stores attract more customers by bids. Sellers also give out discounts and good deals, and buyers purchase more. Bonuses are also available online. Which is very reasonable for online retailers also. As there are many same products and competition is tough. These deals and bonuses attracts more customers

Medicines and grocery

Many medical stores and pharmacies are now settling online. One can search and order any medicine at any time. patients don’t need to go outside in harsh weather. They can select any nearby medical store and get any medicine they want. We can also order grocery and food items from any food restaurant.

Lot of reviews

Reviews are also a great option for buyers. As it can help the customers to select one of the best items for the purpose you desire. customers can easily detect the product by reading the review of other buyers. If a customer wants to buy a product with depth guides and details. Reading reviews is very helpful. you can cancel the online order any time you want if the reviews are not good.


No one knows what you buy

some people don’t want to share their activities. Online shopping is very personal. No one can ever know what you are buying. You can easily shop and get your order in the comfort of your room. On the other hand when you go to the supermarket apart from the people security camera is also watching. Therefore, if one desires privacy, Easy shopping with online stores is the only option.


No distraction

One can easily avoid distraction while shopping online. When we go to supermarkets we buy many things that we don’t need. Also sometimes we forget important things that we have to buy. But while shopping online we always sort things according to our need. We don’t accidentally put a carrot in our cart. You always fill your cart with what you need. It is a great way to shop at the same time saving money.
When we online order a product it sorting is easier. Also finding specific merchandise is not a big deal. We can easily find it by just adding model number, size, style and color. It is also very convenient, as one can find whether products are available or not.


Sending gift to far places

Some people like to exchange gifts. and in today’s world long distance relationships are not difficult. Sending a gift to the dearest friend far from home is just a click away. Many online stores offer the facility of buying and shipping. if they don’t ship to the location you want to. Don’t worry there are many other shipping companies that are doing this for customers.


No time limits

The most important reason for online orders is no time limit. you can shop whenever you want. It is also easier to order and set delivery location anywhere you want. one should not worry about the shipping of items. As there are many shipping companies that are working hard to deliver packages safely.

Final thoughts

Future of online shopping is very secure. There are a range of reasons why online business retailers are increasing day by day. Some of them are easy shopping, time saving, 24/7 availability. Development in technology of smartphones and laptops is increasing browsing of online stores. More and more people order online everyday. Another development that contributes to the growth of online business is the speed of delivery.

“Success is the only thing to change the behavior of others”

Brands are also opening online stores. Because they are realizing that it is cheaper ,faster and convenient. The availability of pictures and videos of products attracts customers. Some customers make impulsive purchases. retailers have a big opportunity to exploit this tendency.

This Article is contributed by Memoona Maryam who is a content provider of AA tech Solution in Gujranwala.His love for content writing and knowledge lead her as a contributor. EZ WorldShip takes no responsibility of any claims